About Us


               Advance Medicare is a medical and healthcare supply company registered in Malaysia since 2013. We share a strong passion and desire to supply a wide range of top-quality clinical, physiotherapy and fitness products to the healthcare providers. Up to date, we have been delivering our products to several private medical centers, physiotherapy centers as well as gyms and fitness centers.


                Over the years, we have been working diligently with multidisciplinary healthcare centers to further diversify and innovate our products competitively. In addition, we also offer affiliate programs to our business partners as part of our business expansion. Recently, we has just set up a new sub-division which is known as Advance Rehabcare Academy.


           At Advance Rehabcare Academy, we offer various integrated clinical training workshops which encompass various orthopedics, musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy disciplines. Our main delegates are usually physiotherapists, physiotherapy students and fitness professionals. Occasionally, we also conduct workshops and health talks which are opened to the community.

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